Hi There,

Welcome to my Portfolio.

My name is Sylvo Richard  Schroeder (SRS).

I am a passionate Professional  Jewelry and Table Ware Designer with many years of Design and Manufacturing experience.

 Design and inspiration

My understanding of designing is pretty much pragmatic whether jewelry or table ware or life style accessories.

It is an ongoing process of small steps ,vague sketches developing into something substantial in form of scale renderings – understanding what my options are and identifying  the message to be conveyed.

My personal experience with artists has brought me to sense my environment  with analytical  eyes besides enjoying a solid design education in Germany.

I have met and worked with well known artists of different  disciplines  such as painters, sculptures and media designers over a long period of time – a fruitful experience that allowed me to understand , appreciate  and work with the real arts.

I strongly believe in the culmination of  music,literature and applied art – all are interactive and manifested themselves in many artists work such  as Cellini the greatest Silver / goldsmith ever,  Art Noevoue  Ikon Rene Lalique ,the Art decor  and last not the least the new age Bauhaus concepts. ( Geamtkunstwerk ). As I have lived for many years in Europe , I utilized the opportunity to study  all these  art epochs intensively  and to understand  their sociological-cultural messages .

My curiosity in different cultures  obsessed  me to continue   working in Saudi Arabia   where I could absorb mauric history especially in form of architecture  and interiors .

An absolute  contrast to Arabic culture was  Hong Kong now belonging to China where I spend  some time teaching  and designing ,  with its fantastic line up of mystical symbols.

Professional  circumstances brought me to  India  – first as a design and manufacturing consultant and later as a Consultant in setting up training institutes  for which I am best known here in India at this point of time .

First and foremost was the tremendous impact of  South Indian and Moghul Arts and Architecture  – I spend a lot of  time admiring these occultic  achievements  and till today these are a important part of my  global inspirations .

My love for Africa with its endless planes – I was born there – concludes my quest to design and visualize lasting products.

 Gold/Silver and Gemstones are my main materials with an occasional use of a wide range of secondary materials.

Enjoy looking at my work.

If you wish ,Contact me and I get back to you as soon as possible.